Sanjh Development Foundation, Mianwali is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization registered under the societies Act 1860. Established by a group of concerned citizens, academics and intellectuals to respond to poverty eradication, sustainable livelihood, democracy and good governance, gender development, promotion and preservation of seraiki language, culture and heritage.
Sanjh Development Foundation also possesses a number of dedicated professionals working for the development of marginalized and under privileged sections of the society without any discrimination.

A Democratic Society that can guarantee peace, Just, prosperity and equal development opportunities for all.

Socially, economically and politically empower marginalized communities especially women and peasants through group formation, capacity development, research, economic support and advocating their rights.


  • Social development of marginalized communities especially women and peasants through mobilization, group formation and capacity building.
  • Improve participation and representation of marginalized communities especially women and peasants in local governance systems, structures and other policy forums that effect their lives.
  • Economic development of marginalized communities especially women through economic support ensuring basic livelihood and addressing acute poverty in rural communities.
  • To develop a sustainable development resource institute offering specialized services in Community physical infrastructure, Advocacy, Health, Education and other essential social services to a range of stakeholders.
  • Objectives
    To organize groups of farmers, workers, women, youth and children through ongoing awareness and motivation, forums, community meetings and dialogues.
    To build strong linkages of SDF with other institutions at national and international level for advocacy actions and sharing of experiences.
    To provide skills and alternative knowledge to locate groups, CBOs and networks in planning management, communication, networking and other concepts of social development.
    To support political participation of peasants, workers and women in local political and governance structures through capacity building and organized activities.
    To improve learning and knowledge building of key stakeholders around the issues of poverty, sustainable livelihood, primary education, basic health and other social development issues.
    To provide new skills, knowledge and technical support to small business groups and micro-enterprises with an aim to increase income opportunities.
    To provide technical and financial support to farmers, women and small business groups to improve health, education, physical infrastructure conditions and open new economic opportunities.
    To develop effective human and technical resources within SDF capable of managing its programs and organizational activities.
    To set-up a training institute within SDF offering short-term and medium-term training courses and technical support to other development practitioners and planners from different parts of the country

    Core Strategies:
    Awareness and Mobilization
    Capacity Development
    Technical and Financial Support
    Research and Documentation
    Networking and Advocacy